Hello, my name is Rachel and I'm an Immunology PhD candidate from Calgary.

As a scientist, I get to learn new and exciting things every day. Through my blog, ImmuNews, I hope you can learn something new too. 



About me

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  • Immunology

  • Intravital microscopy

  • Non-linear optical microscopy



PhD in Immunology
University of Calgary
Alberta, Canada
Fall 2015 to present

BSc in Biochemistry
University of Victoria
British Columbia, Canada
Fall 2010 to Spring 2015



Kratofil RM, Kubes P, Deniset JF. Monocyte conversion during inflammation and injury. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 2017; 37:35-42. 


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The joy of science is to learn for learning’s sake; whatever wondrous insights emerge may then be used to address the problems that we confront in our daily lives.
— The New Yorker, 2017